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Creating Change

Our innovative approach to sustainability allows companies to successfully sponsor green initiatives throughout landmark locations in their local communities.

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” - Howard Zinn

We believe companies have the ability to be a force of positive social change in the world. Simply put: We care. Our communities care, our cities care, our world cares, and now we want to invite businesses care as well.

By sponsoring Bee Downtown hives at landmark locations across the Triangle area, companies are able to visibly show their commitment to honey bees, the environment, their community, their local school systems, local agriculture and more.


By herself one honey bee makes one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in her entire life, but together a hive can generate over eighty pounds of honey in just a matter of months. Our hope is to create a community, just like a healthy hive, so that in working together, we can collectively  create lasting change in the world that we are proud to be a part of.


If your company would like to help us create a change in the world, we would love to talk with you about the ways in which your business can join us and make a difference in your local community!